Thursday, August 5, 2010

My "artistic" temperament

Sometimes I get melancholy. Usually after several glasses of wine, or an string of dark, stormy days. (or even just humid days. Humidity makes my hair explode like some horrible science project gone awry, which does wonders for my mood.) But occasionally I just am sad. I fall into an interminable funk where nothing is fun (especially not me) and I am a giant pile of emo shit. They used to give me pills to correct that, but I stopped taking them. There was a logical reason, for it at the time, I'm sure. But I don't really remember exactly why.... I think I wanted to give my brain a chance to try to fix itself. (*shrugs*) And to be honest, for the majority of the time, I do alright. But for those of you being brought down by my current ennui and depression, I apologize. I can't say I'll stop, but I'll try. Since the dissolution of Astral Feedback, my band, I find that I miss having a creative outlet in that way. So now I keep all my post-teenage angst in my head. I go for runs in this horrible heat, hiding behind giant bug-eye shades so people don't know that the runner with crazy giant hair is me. The running helps, I don't know about the shades.

On the bright side, I start classes in a couple of weeks. And with my eighteen credits this semester, I don't think I'll have any time to mope about Michigans' Lake Effect on my hair or the oil spill crisis. (Yes, in that order. I'm narcissistic.)
I am taking:
Composition: Not worried about this class, as I write for my dayjob currently and have always been pretty good with words.
Public Speaking: This isn't my favorite thing to do, but I fronted a band for four years, and this should be easier than that. I do like being the center of attention, so it will work out. I have faith.
Biology: I <3 science.
Nutrition: I repeat, I <3 science. I also like to cook so I'm actually pretty amped for this class.
Psychology: I find the human brain completely fascinating. I'm mostly amped about this class and the nutrition.
My only real worry with my fall schedule is that I have a 7:30AM class Monday through Thursday. I am not a morning person at all. But I guess I will learn to be. Caffeine and I are good friends. I will just have to start being more organized. And really, the OCD part of my brain loves it when I am super organized. So, really, I only have good things coming up on my horizon.
I'm trying. I feel good about the future. Really, I do. Everything works out in the end, after all.

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