Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm made of money! Oh, wait, that's not me, that's someone else.....

I buy books all the time. I've owned somewhere between 200 and 300 books. Many of them fiction, and even more of them on permanent loan with friends or siblings, but still. I own a lot of books. Now, even with all of my extensive book-buying experience, I was not prepared for yesterday. For my five classes next semester, I had to buy ten textbooks. Ten. And I spent just over $800.00. I think this textbook buying business is a racket. I'm paying you $130 for a book that I can then sell back to you for $15, which you will turn around to sell for $75. It's a racket, I say! I would have bought them for cheaper online, but in order to use my financial aid to pay for them, I have to go through the colleges' book store. I smell a conspiracy for the college to get even more of my money! Haha. Well, in any case, I'm excited for my classes to begin, so I can put these expensive tomes to work for me!
I leave you with a snapshot of my bedroom to illustrate my book-lovin' ways.


  1. I want that room so bad.

    And textbooks are a total racket. Yet ... I still always had fun buying them. Particularly for my Lit classes which had like 5-10 little books each semester. ;)

  2. It's book-heaven!

    Sadly, all my books are just text or lab books, but it's whatever. I've now come to terms with how much I'm going to spend on my education. ;)