Friday, June 25, 2010

Procrastination is the sincerest form of delaying the inevitable.

I should be writing work stuff right now. You know, for the making money portion of my life. But the internets are a strange and wonderful place. (And I also have a mosquito bite on the bottom of my foot that's driving me insane. That's not relevant, I just felt like sharing.) So, when I sat down today to dutifully toil away at my keyboard, a photo in my email caught my eye and I was unavoidably.... distracted.

Then I thought to myself, "Self, you should share this with other people on the internets who maybe haven't seen it yet. And perhaps, they too have an annoying mosquito bite in an uncomfortable spot and this would make them feel better."

Now, I can't guarantee this will make you feel better, I mean, my mosquito bite still itches, but it may momentarily take your mind off it. This website is...well, it's just straight-up awkward. I think the exact words to leave my mouth upon seeing this picture were, "Holy Aunt Jemima on the pancake box!!"

What kind of photo is this? Do they display this above the mantle? On Christmas cards? "Happy Holidays from  the Buck Nekkids." And what was the thought process behind this? "Let's go nude for the family photo! Oh.. maybe I should cover up the naughty bits... You know what? Let's use the cats! Then we'll match!" I don't think the cats are really down with this plan either. From the looks on their faces, they are humiliated and know that their reps are completely ruined.

So, that's my procrastination update for the day. If you would like to ruin your retinas some more, head over to awkward family pet photos for even more fun. I shall endeavor to update this more frequently. I keep forgetting I started this blog.

Is anyone reading this? If not, I just spent fifteen minutes typing out a thought process that took less than ten seconds. Bahahahaha...well, if not then I will have something to look back on when the Old Timer's strikes and I can't remember anything. I'll look back and be shocked at myself and my blatant misuse of time.
I look forward to it.